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The goal is simple: To provide Deaf and Hard of Hearing students with a foundation of English literacy skills through activities and strategies that build success at every step.


English is a challenging language. Without a firm foundation in how English "works" a student can develop incomplete skills. Deaf and Hard of Hearing students are usually expected to develop English literacy skills using the same materials and approaches designed for hearing children who have already developed English linguistic skills before they begin Kindergarten. Essentially, hearing children will "practice" English skills in school. Though the end goal is the same - independent English literacy abilities - DHH students need clear instructional design, strategies and activities that will support the depth of instruction they require to fairly internalize all English literacy components. 

Like all children, Deaf and Hard of Hearing children need a beginning course of study that takes into account their language/literacy needs. The Bedrock Literacy Curriculum is designed with the beginning student of English. It is developmental in sequence and is therefore ungraded. The goal is to help teachers develop the foundational elements of English literacy (i.e. beginning reading/writing, vocabulary building, overview of various grammar elements,etc.) so that students have a strong foundation for a lifetime of continued learning.

Our newest resource-The Bilingual Grammar Curriculum: ASL and English (Phase 1)  (authors Todd Czubek and Kristin Di Perri) provides teachers with goals and objectives for grammar instruction in ASL and English. This resource provides teachers with the answer to "where do start in my grammar teaching"? 

On this website you will find The Bedrock Literacy Curriculum, The Bilingual Grammar Curriculum: ASL and English- Levels 1-3 Goals and Objectives, additional resources for teachers, parents, and other people interested in English literacy development for DHH students. Lessons and activities are designed for student success at every step. They are developed to make English comprehensible and engaging. They also align with State Standards by first developing-rather than simply omitting the underlying critical skills-- by guiding teachers/parents to first develop the proficiencies that support each goal. Please keep checking back as material will continually be added!