Assessment Services for Parents

Dr. Di Perri is available as an Independent Assessment Consultant. Complete individual assessments at the request of parents or school programs in order to
evaluate a student’s English literacy development (reading and writing), as well as academic testing is available. Assessments used are a combination of nationally normed tests and personally developed assessments. She has tested students in multiple states. For more 
information please email:

Articles by Dr. Di Perri about developing English Literacy with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children

My Head is Eating Circles!

This article discusses how to support your child's reading comprehension form the start. Often D/HH children are taught to read in a way that reduces rather promotes comprehension. See why here and how you can help.

When is a Cow a Dog?

This article discusses how parents can help their children store information for later help  with reading comprehension.

Increase your Child’s Literacy VocabularyThis article two ways you can help your child to develop more basic vocabulary at home.

Support for Parents

As a parent, you are constantly on the look out for educational materials that can make life more accessible for your child. From the start, opinions, suggestions, educational decisions that may or may not benefit your child may at times feel absolutely overwhelming. It is often difficult to get straight talk-clear support that suits your child. Not only is this frustrating, it can often compromise the educational progress your child makes. Therefore, understanding what your child encounters when he or she begins to learn English literacy skills (and of course all academic content) is extremely helpful. It will help you advocate for what your child needs in school and will also provide clarity on additional support that must be done at home.

​Please see the Teacher Pages  for information about the Bedrock Literacy Curriculum. However in an effort to support the amount of supplementary, outside of school work that must be done a special price for parents is given for the curriculum.

​Please continue to check back to these pages as more and more resources, information and support is given to help you ensure your child develops what he needs in English literacy development

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